Service and passion is paramount to an outstanding client experience and KAJA exuded this working on our firm’s new office opening in Sydney’s CBD.

Their design approach is sophisticated, measured and cutting edge. The attention to detail is unparalleled and we have benefited from their considered space maximisation design, which has enabled us to accommodate more staff in an easy manner.

Keystone Wealth
— Christopher | Keystone Wealth | Sydney

The end result was the creation of a stylish, contemporary apartment with a layout and colour palette that complimented the building and the ocean surrounds.

Working with them was a delight. They are honest and very professional operators . They have friendly dealings with the tradesmen but were direct when they needed to be, which assisted us in getting the quality high end finishes that we were after.

I look forward to working with them again on future projects...
— Julien | Sydney

We were looking for creative and professional support to design our dream home, optimizing the space to its full potential, and bearing our budget in mind. We initially were attracted to KAJA by their high level of aesthetics and functionalism. KAJA brought a high level of expertise, brilliant ideas and excellent execution to the table.

The level of attention and service we received from KAJA was very personal. We received great suggestions that went well beyond the initial scope of design work we had commissioned. This helped us reach our objective and carry out a rapid and well-planned renovation.

We love our new home. We are really happy with the flow of the place that is the result of KAJA recommending the removal of the wall separating the kitchen from the living room area. Having a well designed and comfortable home to come back to is a great asset. KAJA was instrumental for us in making that happen. They helped us achieve the functional and minimalistic space we were looking for.
— Thomas | Sydney

From a builders perspective working with the team from KAJA has been great. They have an in depth understanding of the building process and always have any information we might need on hand. They’re friendly and easy to communicate with and their designs are simply beautiful
— Khalil | Daesam Builders | Sydney

Very diligent, knowledgeable and fun people to re-design kitchen and bathroom in our flat in Mosman. We had a smaller budget and they did not shy away from it. Very pleased. Highly recommend KAJA.
— Henning | Sydney

KAJA studio are a professional Interior Design firm who have great experience working closely with the Structural Engineer to achieve the best design outcome for their Clients. They are aware of the boundaries associated with refurbishments in older buildings and the impact of structural changes on the budget and authority approvals. Their documentation is clear and their communication on site is logical and efficient. I look forward to working with them again on future projects.
— Stefan Prystupa | TOD Consulting Engineers